January 10, 2017 - Flexible & Rigid Packaging

Featured Cold Seal Adhesive Product: Turbo-Seal® C1775B

As the flexible packaging market continues to grow, it’s important that manufacturers use products in their designs that can keep up with production and sustainability demands. Cold seal adhesive coatings help manufacturers increase production speeds and decrease costs. One cold seal in particular, Bostik’s Turbo-Seal C1775B, also offers improved operational efficiencies and product performance overall.

Let’s take a closer look some of the ways Turbo-Seal C1775B stands out in the market.


 Turbo-Seal C1775B is a cold seal adhesive that can be used on three common types of flexible packaging structures. These are:

  • Laminated structures
  • Surface print structures
  • Overwrap structures

Typically, these structures have unique requirements and different adhesive coatings are needed as a result. Turbo-Seal C1775B offers superior adhesion on each of them, meaning manufacturers need to only use one type of adhesive on these flexible packaging structures.

cold seal adhesive

Reduced Seal Failure

Clear and matte surfaces are becoming increasingly popular design choices. However, matte release films in particular are susceptible to cohesive failure. This is when the cold seal adhesive doesn’t properly adhere to itself and make a seal.

Turbo-Seal C1775B, however, is compositionally designed to eliminate or reduce cohesive failure by increasing the probability of polymer chain entanglement under pressure.

Turbo-Seal C1775B also is formulated to seal through slight surface contaminates. It does this by overcoming surface disruption the same way it does for laminated structures. As a result, the product is able to reduce seal failures.

Good Commercial Seal

Turbo-Seal C1775B has demonstrated good commercial cold seal adhesive seal performance with both clear and matte release surfaces. For example, its soft nature enables it to overcome the physical embossing effect of matte films while maintaining packaging aesthetics.

For more information on Turbo-Seal C1775B and its capabilities, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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