January 24, 2017 - Assembly

The Growing Popularity of Fiberglass Garage Doors, Smart Adhesives for Them

Recently, fiberglass garage doors have been gaining popularity. Let’s take a closer look at what these types of doors offer and the smart adhesives for them:

Why Use Fiberglass Garage Doors?

Similar to steel doors, these garage doors offer the following additional benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Salt air resistance
  • Low cost
  • Less likely to dent, crack or rust

These benefits make them especially more appealing in coastal areas, where traditional steel garage doors are more susceptible to corrosion.

How are Fiberglass Garage Doors Manufactured?

These garage doors can be manufactured two different ways:

  • Soak fibers of glass in a plastic resin to create a solidified fabric
  • Add glass fibers to a cloth and soak it in resin

Furthermore, fiberglass garage doors can come in several different grades. These include:

  • Single-Layer
  • Double-Layer
  • Triple-Layer

fiberglass garage doors

Double-layer and triple-layer fiberglass doors feature insulation between the layers. This helps:

  • Boost garage’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce noise transfer between indoor and outdoor environment
  • Add strength

What Role Do Adhesives Play in Fiberglass Doors?

Adhesives are important in the manufacturing of fiberglass garage doors. These adhesives must meet demanding environmental needs, such as:

  • UV resistance
  • Cold and hot temperature resistance
  • Structural bonding

Bostik manufactures smart adhesives that have primerless adhesion to fiberglass garage doors. In particular, these products are used in the following assembly applications:

  • Structural panel bonding
  • Expansion joint sealing
  • Window bonding
  • Metal-to-metal bonding

They offer several benefits including:

  • Moisture curing chemistry
  • Great shear/tensile strength
  • Excellent paintability

For more information on Bostik’s products for fiberglass garage door assembly, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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