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How Double-Sided Tape is Constructed and Used in Various Applications

According to Global Industry Analysts, the pressure sensitive tape market is projected to exceed 50 billion square meters by 2022. With growth driven by production flexibility, personalized products and specialization, pressure sensitive tapes offer uses in many markets.

Double-sided tapes in particular are projected to see significant growth in upcoming years. As noted in our recent blog post about the pressure sensitive tape market dynamics, double-sided tapes offer versatility in the transportation and construction markets especially.

Let’s take a closer look at double-sided tape construction and how it is used in various applications.

Double-Sided Tape Construction

While double-sided tapes can be constructed with varying thickness and bonding properties, they are all manufactured with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on both sides. They also typically have a silicone layer or a similar non-stick layer applied on top of the adhesive to ensure the sides don’t stick together when wound on a roll.

Double-sided tapes can be constructed with either thick or thin properties.

  • Thick: made with a foam backing and is typically greater than 0.25mm in thickness
  • Thin: made with a film-like backing or no backing material

They can also be formulated with acrylic or rubber PSAs. Acrylic PSAs offer the following benefits:

  • Ability to handle extreme temperature
  • Chemical resistance

Rubber PSA benefits include:

  • Good immediate grab strength
  • Suitability for less demanding applications

Whether a double-side tape is constructed as thick or thin and with an acrylic or rubber PSA depends on various end-use needs.

double-sided tape

Double-Sided Tape Applications 

Double-sided tape can be used in a variety of applications. In the transportation market, double-sided tapes excel at accessory and trim applications.

They offer unique adhesion and stress relaxation properties without impeding overall aesthetics. Additionally, double-sided tapes for automotive applications offer good resistance to environmental conditions, yielding superior long-term performance.

Double-sided tapes are also used in various construction applications. These include house wrap and vapor barrier sealing and floor protection during projects.

For further insight on PSAs for double-sided tapes, call 800-7-BOSTIK. Bostik has over a century of experience formulating PSAs for various tape applications, which enables us to tailor our products to customers’ specific application requirements and needs.

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