January 30, 2017 - Tape & Label

How Wine Labels are Appealing to Millennial Generation

According to the AWA Global Wine Label Report, wine labels are expected to grow 2% between 2016 and 2018. With a new, millennial generation target market in mind, let’s take a look at new label designs well as the market’s label technologies and smart adhesives.

New Label Design Looks

As more of the millennial generation becomes of drinking age, wine manufacturers are targeting their wine labels and packaging to what appeals to them. Because this target market is younger and more tech savvy, wine labels are now reflecting designs that are:

  • More comical
  • Modern
  • Artistic

More specifically, these new label design looks include:

  • Etchings and Photography

Large, single color etchings, woodcuts or illustrations are a quickly growing trend in wine labels. This style resonates with consumers, combining both a side of whimsy with sophistication.

Black and white photography is also being used to stand out and convey a dramatic look among other wine labels.

  • Sophisticated Horror

An increasing number of wine manufacturers are creating overall brand personalities to resonate with consumers. One technique that appeals to the new target market is having brand names that could double as horror movie titles. Thoughtfully designed wine labels also are consistent with the overall brand’s identity and use complementing colors and imagery.

Wine Label Technologies

In addition to newer label design looks that appeal to millennials, wine manufacturers are using new types of label stocks to stand out and catch consumers’ eyes. These label stocks include uncoated stocks, which offer a unique appeal to traditional, glossy looks.

Furthermore, one of the most popular label formats includes pressure sensitive labels, since they can be designed with differentiation in mind.

With over 60% of total usage, pressure sensitive labels are able to reflect the sophistication and variety of digital printing needs to manufacture these new wine labels.

Smart Wine Label Technologies

Bostik offers a line of pressure sensitive adhesives able to handle wine label application needs. With excellent die cutting and high converting speeds, these adhesives are able to keep up with wine label production demand.

For more information on our pressure sensitive adhesives for wine labels, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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